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Interview with @the415guy | San Francisco Real Estate Podcast

Interview with @the415guy | San Francisco Real Estate Podcast

Hear what inspired San Francisco Instagrammer @the415guy to quit his corporate gig to become a full-time photographer.

Photo by @the415guy

Excerpt from the Interview with @the415guy.

How long have you been on Instagram? 

I've been on Instagram for just over two years. It was February 2016 when I opened my account.

Okay so just over two years, and I haven't looked today, but there's something, there's a buzz about you and your artwork, and your creative forum that you're doing here, that you have a lot of followers in San Francisco and probably throughout the world, right?

I do

At this time how many followers do you have? As of today, I don't know as of today, but I think it's somewhere around 35,000.

Amazing and for everyone out there, if you don't already follow @the415guy, tell us what you do, tell us what you take photos of?

So basically what I do is I take photos of San Francisco. I spend a good chunk of my time exploring the city. I'm from the city originally. It's my native city.

Local native.

Local native, there's not many of us left, but I basically spend a lot of my time exploring the city, traveling around to different neighborhoods, just photographing what catches my eye at the

So you're walking around, you're driving around, right, and all the sudden you see something and you're like yeah I need to shoot that?

Sometimes I'll drive around and I'll just something will catch my eye and I'll pull over and you know how it's difficult to park in San Francisco - right? - in a red zone or I'll block someone's driveway but to jump out and take a shot. Typically what I'm doing is I'm just kind of picking a neighborhood and just starting from there and walking and just capturing things as I as I go.

Is there something of a specific style? Is there a certain way you like to shoot?

I always use a telephoto lens...

Photo by @the415guy

1859 Scott St, San Francisco, CA 94115 | MLS #468278 | NorthernSF

1859 Scott St, San Francisco, CA 94115 | MLS #468278 | NorthernSF

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