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Interview with Eric Railsback from Verve Wine: San Francisco Real Estate Podcast

Interview with Eric Railsback from Verve Wine: San Francisco Real Estate Podcast

Verve Wine - New wine shop on Fillmore in Pacific Heights

Verve Wine

Please see the excerpt below of the San Francisco Real Estate Podcast interview with Eric Railsback from Verve Wine.

We love to talk with local businesses, especially new local businesses, here on the North side of San Francisco, Pacific Heights. Today we have a very special guest, Eric Railsback from Verve Wine.

Thank you so much for having me.

Eric just opened up a new wine shop with a couple of partners here on Fillmore Street in Pacific Heights, is that right?

Yeah, yeah, very excited to be here in Pac Heights, our first store was in New York, Tribeca, so we've just been here for about three weeks now.

Tell our listeners out there what kind of store this is?

Verve Wine is a small kind of boutique
wine store that focuses on small production family-owned wineries that are very focused on organic or sustainable farming, less of that big brand product wine, more about the terroir and the vineyards. 

Tell me a little bit about this space? I've been in here twice now and the space looks fantastic tell me about the interior design and describe it to the listeners out there.

What we wanted to do with verve, a lot of our backgrounds & the partners were very heavily in restaurants and wine service so we wanted to kind of integrate a little bit of that hospitality feel into the typical retail wine store, which can be somewhat cold. You walk in it's just a bottle shop, pick things off the shelf, so we wanted to get people tasting, meeting winemakers, talking, and make it a little bit more of a wine community instead of just a wine store.

I really like how the space has a center island where people can sit or stand and drink wine and there's also a cleanup area that has the sexy gold covered faucets and marble countertops.

It's really nice looking. Food and wine go together so much and it's all about enjoying with friends so by putting a large table in the center you know we want to give people an excuse to sit down and crack a bottle taste with us. Whenever our favorite wine makers are in town we'll be doing more formal sit-down tastings with them. I think a lot of the idea behind the sink, beyond being useful, it kind of gives that nice kitchen feel where everyone loves to hang out in the kitchen while someone's cooking and talking cracking a bottle of wine, I usually don't cook without a glass.

Eric Railsback from Verve Wine

How long did it take to do the build-out?

We've we've had the space for about a year and a half. A lot of it is just the liquor license nowadays. You can't get it from the ABC. You have to buy it from someone and transfer it,
which takes you know 12 to 14 months at
best which usually means slower than
that. So we moved in here we had a
couple people lease to space the spot from us beforehand okay well we were waiting for all that paperwork to go through and then took us about three or four months once that got through to really start the construction and finishing design.

What are some of the specific wines you specialize in?

I think one thing that's really important for me, with food people are really getting into organics and where the where the fruits and vegetables and meats are sourced and I think with wine
there's not really that clarity. Nothing
has to be put on the label, you know, alcohol and sulfites which is a natural byproduct of fermentation, so we're doing the research for people and we're finding wineries that are doing the work in the vineyard.

A lot of people think they're allergic to sulfites and natural things in wines but it's really sugar and additives and coloring that a lot of these bigger wineries are adding to wines and that's what we're kind of pushing back against and trying to get the smaller guys in front of people. 

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